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R. Josh Quarles Photography Gallery

Hello, and Welcome!

This gallery is best viewed at 800 X 600 24bit with the latest Netscape or Internet Explorer. I have made every effort towards compatibility, but, in the event that you are having trouble anyway try the Lo-Tech version. Regardless, take a look around and have fun! Thanks! If you have any problems E-Mail Me. All the images in this gallery are copyright R. Josh Quarles.

A brief history:

I began this web gallery several years ago as way to display some of my work and to get some feedback. When I began working on the first version of this web page the web itself was fairly new. Designing my own web sight seemed like a nice challenge and a good way to learn HTML and web design. Little did I know how challenging it was going to be. Over the years this gallery has grow both technically and artistically as I have grown in the same respects. The gallery that you find here is in its fourth incarnation now, and still going strong. You can still get to old version of this gallery if you like; it did win some awards. If you do bother to look at my old gallery you will, no doubt, see that this new gallery is completely redesigned. As such I am still working out some of the bugs and adding new sections. Please bear with me. Like the rest of the web... this page is still under construction. :)

The artist:

I currently live and work in Kansas City, MO. I studied photography in high school, and eventually got a BAFA in photography from the University of New Mexico. Since then I have been exploring the world as well as the medium of photography. I am constantly amazed by both.

I have been doing a wide variety of photographic work from product shots to album covers. I also design web pages if you’re interested. More recently, I have been doing some consulting. I am currently seeking models in the Kansas City area for more of my personal and professional work.

The work:

The images that you will find in this gallery are just a sample of the work that I have been doing for the last couple of years. Much of the work contained within is strait color photography. However, I do quite a bit of experimentation with digital processes and image creation. I have also been working with some web-specific art, as I have become more technically adept. I have always been interested in the idea of a ‘digital image.’ That is an image that in its final form has no substance at all. A set of code that produces a response on a cathode ray tube, but, has no inherent form. The ramifications of such a transitory art form are truly fascinating, much like the sand drawings of Tibetan monks. For a bit more discussion on these subjects feel free to check my statement page.

The prints:

Almost all of the images in this gallery are for sale. Standard C-type prints are available in 8 x11 and 11 x 14 sizes, as well as 8 x 11 and 11 x 14 ink jet prints. Mounting and framing services are also available. Please check the enlarged images for availability just click on the thumbnails. For more ordering information click here.

Each gallery has a wide variety of images, reflecting my wide variety of interests. The thumbnails are small to facilitate quicker loading; larger images are available by clicking on the thumbnail.


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This page is Copyright 1997 R. Josh Quarles.

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